Geese time

Man that talks with geese
Not so small any more but never too big for a chat with dad.

Geese are the smartest of all farm birds and have been used as guard birds for centuries, they know whom lives on the farm and is a friend and whom is a invaders.

Adults geese are dangerous with a strong beak from biting often drawing blood if they get a hold of skin, they also use their wings that a strong enough to break bones.

Adults male protecting his partner and offspring are the most fearless, fighting too the end even if it means dying to protect his family

Geese are very loyal too each other usually forming a pair or a trio with one male and two females that raise goslings together.

Some sources tell off geese 60 years and more but this is not verifiable but cases of 20 is not on common.

Having geese is like having the farm equivalent of a parrot that is very smart with a big personality and that will be around for a long time.
















Stort smakmöte

Första lördagen i september kl 18:00 har vi årets stora smakmöte för alla våra andelsbiodlare
Vi kommer att besöka våran bigård här hemma, titta närmar på hur bina bor inne i kupan.
Vi kommer också att ha en stor provsmakning med honung från alla våra olika bigårdar och det går från lördagen också att hämta upp sin andel med honung.
Det går bra att ta med den närmaste familjen när du hämtar upp vi kommer att vara utomhus hela tiden.

Tänk på varandra och har du sjukdomssymtom stanna hemma och hämta din honung senare, se också till att hålla bra avstånd hela tiden ❤️

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Flower season is here

Flower season is here 🌸
We grow all flowers too our bouquet no spray and a 100% organic
Pure joy for you and all our bees that love visiting dahlias and gladiolus too find food.
These beauties headed too @ruthsmalmo today and more are being prepared for our local farmers market pickup Reko in Lund, Bjärred, Hörby and Malmö
Still time too book if you want to support your local flower farmer


















Crazy looking beekeeper

Crazy looking beekeeper when you pick up some honey jars and 3 brand new beehives

Wasn’t my plan too expand the apiary but this year splits were exceptionally wand god look I just couldn’t say no.

All bees are now treated against Varroa mite and almost all have gotten their winter food, some spinning left too do and taping all the honey on jars then it’s all done

For you all with honey shares are we arranging this year big meeting on the 4 September 18:00 here on the farm, wi will have a big taste test with honey from all our apiary and look closer on our hives.
This event is only open for our honey share beekeepers and if you still haven’t book yours it’s still time just follow the link in our profile

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We got ripped off

I love bees and honey
Bees have been a part of my life for more then 25 years and I traveled the world working with bees talking to beekeepers and always love try out new varieties of honey.

We want to share our love for bees and offer you to be a shareholder in our hives getting part of the honey and help the bees and us as caretakers.

Good work sometimes attract copycats and now it happened too us, a friend sent me picture 2 and 3 above and wondered what was going on.

The natural approach we have towards beekeeping is reflected in our honey and our very distinct label that we have for many years with its layout and font.

Picture 2 and 3 is from another beekeeper that contacted us regarding advising regarding labels but instead of doing something of his own he copied us straight off.

We need more bees and more beekeepers in Sweden but this is not the way steeling from each other creating knockoffs.
You can find our authentic honey at @sebastienpasoder @ruthsmalmo @olaochko together with others or directly from us at the farm or Reko in Skåne

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Saving endangered breeds

Saving endangered breeds have been one of our core mission from the very beginning.

This is Klövsjö sheep and this breed only exists as a result of the work me and our farm did, tracking down the last existing animals over half of Sweden and documenting the history and origin of this population took years of work and we are one of the oldest flocks in the herd book now.

Our flock is closed that means we don’t take in animals from the outside that can bring in diseases and parasites too this breeding core. This only works when you have a large enough population and us many males in the breeding.

This time of year the lambs are separated from their moms giving them the best possible start on adulthood and hopefully they have lambs of their own next year, some will stay on our farm but we also try to find new homes for them with farmers that understand how vital it is with a sustainable long term conservation that is true to the origin off this breed not turning it in too pets but safeguarding their unique utility qualities.

If you are interested of being a part of this please contact us









Blood peach “Sanguine de Savoie”

Blood peach “Sanguine de Savoie”
One of the best peaches in the world and not easy too find, 15 years ago we had to drive to France and pick it up our self but definitely worth the trip.
First year after we got it home it lived in a big pot being moved inside the orangeri for the winter but after a few winters we felt confident enough to plant it in our greenhouse and we haven’t look back.
It is a very nice tree too grow inside not too vigorous but stays small and is very productive producing a big crop every year, it ripens a bit later then our other peaches and apricot and have a more balanced taste of sweet and fresh.
We hope to propagate some more trees this year with several rootstocks waiting too be grafted.
















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