We got ripped off

I love bees and honey
Bees have been a part of my life for more then 25 years and I traveled the world working with bees talking to beekeepers and always love try out new varieties of honey.

We want to share our love for bees and offer you to be a shareholder in our hives getting part of the honey and help the bees and us as caretakers.

Good work sometimes attract copycats and now it happened too us, a friend sent me picture 2 and 3 above and wondered what was going on.

The natural approach we have towards beekeeping is reflected in our honey and our very distinct label that we have for many years with its layout and font.

Picture 2 and 3 is from another beekeeper that contacted us regarding advising regarding labels but instead of doing something of his own he copied us straight off.

We need more bees and more beekeepers in Sweden but this is not the way steeling from each other creating knockoffs.
You can find our authentic honey at @sebastienpasoder @ruthsmalmo @olaochko together with others or directly from us at the farm or Reko in Skåne

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