Saving endangered breeds

Saving endangered breeds have been one of our core mission from the very beginning.

This is Klövsjö sheep and this breed only exists as a result of the work me and our farm did, tracking down the last existing animals over half of Sweden and documenting the history and origin of this population took years of work and we are one of the oldest flocks in the herd book now.

Our flock is closed that means we don’t take in animals from the outside that can bring in diseases and parasites too this breeding core. This only works when you have a large enough population and us many males in the breeding.

This time of year the lambs are separated from their moms giving them the best possible start on adulthood and hopefully they have lambs of their own next year, some will stay on our farm but we also try to find new homes for them with farmers that understand how vital it is with a sustainable long term conservation that is true to the origin off this breed not turning it in too pets but safeguarding their unique utility qualities.

If you are interested of being a part of this please contact us










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