Isbar blå


Isbar blå is one of our most beautiful Swedish culture breeds and our only Swedish breed that lays green eggs. Isbar blå belongs to a group of breeds that were created by the pastor Martin Silverudd in Småland between 1950-1980, he wanted to use modern poultry breeding principles to improve the animal stock that was available for small egg producers. Martin realized early on the value of the older Swedish poultry strains of White Leghorn and Rhode Island Red mf. He created a number of breeds that are based exclusively on these but which also had sex-link chickens and better egg color and size and sound healthy animals.

When we took the initiative to document and collect the remains of our Swedish culture breeds for more than ten years ago there were only a few flocks remain and many of these were animals was not pure bred instead laying brown eggs and had feather colors that suggest the it was crosses between various breeds. The situation is not unique when you start a conservation with a very restricted animal material. We documented the pure-bred animals that were found and were they came from and their color and characters

Isbar blå is a very good laying breed which the fact that it survived in commercial flocks, it is just like when Martin created a good laying breed with lovely green eggs in shades sometimes with freckles.

In the years that followed interest increased for Isbar blå sharply and there are now animals spread throughout the country, both in conservation herds and those who have only a little domestic chickens to get your own eggs.

Lately, there has also been a variant of Isbar blå as a bit sloppy called Silverudds blue. The basis is Isbar blue but then even animals from herds with a more uncertain origin where the egg color, plumage and other properties differ from the original.

Fortunately, there are many flocks that preserve the purebred Isbar blå so if you also help preserve it is possible to obtain pure breed animals



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