It’s getting time to start hatching eggs again

But first it’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done.

We work with conservation and it’s almost impossible to find new breeding stock so all birds we have are hatched here on the farm, working to insure the best possible stock is our number one concern.

The birds ability to save genetic material after a mating during a few weeks makes preparing and a holding period of 30 days the first step after that your breeding flock is putt together. You try to have as many males to females as possible and practical but 1:4 is a good ratio for us and insurers a good genetic mix in the offspring. So 30 day holding period then we collect eggs for 7-14 days before they are placed in the incubator. After a week it’s time to check for blank eggs that are not fertile and remove them to avoid that they explode and contaminant the other eggs. Then we let the eggs be until 4 days before hatching then we move them from the incubator to the Hatcher where the eggs are no longer turned around but still instead this is too make it easier for the chick or duckling too get out and increase survival.

We hatch new breeding stock during the spring then they have all summer to grow and get nice and strong before autumn and winter
















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