Super excited about this new varieties of Mashua

A close relative to nasturtium but growers more upright and prefers to climb if it has enough support. The roots are usually what you grow them for an they have a taste similar to turnip when cooked. The yield under Swedish conditions isn’t that impressive but luckily you can eat other parts of the plant. Leafs and flowers have a very pleasing taste with tones of mustered oils making them a perfect addition to a salad och being the main attraction on your plate. Take the chance too try it if you have the good fortune to find it on a menu or why not grow it your self, they like the Swedish summer but you need to store the tubers frost free to make sure they survive the winter. We grow several different varieties and thay differ a lot in color and appearance, cooler wet summers are bests but mashua is very tolerant and forgiving but don’t plant it in your greenhouse it will probably be to warm #Mashua #leaf #superfood #isaño #cubio #peru #bolivia #colombia #vegetables #gardening #gardener #cleaneating #sustainablefarming #news #exceptionellråvara #supportyourlocalfarmer #frånsverige #bokeslundsgården #permaculture


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