“Find what you love and let I kill u”

Sounds a bit harsh? For me it’s not it’s words too live by.

All I ever wanted to be is a farmer from the firar time I ever remember my grandmother asking me.

Now I’m here doing what I love every day, you may see and hopefully taste all the real good food we grow here on the farm but the real magic is behind that scene and that is really what you are supporting when you order from us.

The work we do together have saved two different breeds of cows from going extinct together with on breed of sheep, don’t forget our different birds of several heritage breeds that probably be gone if you weren’t ordering our eggs.

I’m hoping I get too continue doing this job for the rest of my life because I really love it.

#farmlife #bestjobever #farmer #conservation #findwhatyouloveandletitkillyou #bokeslundsgården


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