Homeward bound

Homeward bound for our ladies
Was hoping that the weather was going to change and some warm and sunny days returning but we have too face fact.
It’s not enough food for our sheep outside and we need to shear the sheep before it gets too cold, they spend the winter in their new stable that is completely open on one side giving them plenty of fresh air and sun. Cutting the wool now allow new wool to grow out before winter and this type of sheep needs to be cut two times in a year with autumn and spring being the best.
Coming home also means breeding time so soon the rams will join the flock and in March the lamb’s will start coming. So it’s a bit of work now in the start of the winter season and then again in 5 months in between it’s mostly just feeding and making sure they are happy.
We have 20 older ewes and a bunch of new lambs that will join the breeding flock but we still got some extra that we will try to find a home for.

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