Do you want to live in a farm?

Learn about organic gardening grown your own vegetables from seed.
Or if you have what it takes to be a beekeeper with working the hives and building hives.
Why not try your hand at agroforestry fancy word for incorporating more trees and bushes on your farm to grow fruit and nuts.
Or like in the picture here with Almselm and Maria they have just fix up the pig house for a group of pigs we gave a life outside in our garden instead of indoors on concrete.
Or get in to the deep end and go for our cows and yaks, during summer they are outside grassing working hard for biodiversity and sequestering carbon fighting climate change and during the winter they are here on the farm enjoy being taken care of and having their calf’s.
I can go on all day but you get the hang of it we are a real farm and we are offering two internship position for the right person. If you want to be on a farm where you get treated like a future farmer learning the skill of the trade please send us a message.
If you think of this as couch surfing in a farm setting keep scrolling

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