Big news!

After more then a year of work we can at last announce that we are building a Ark.
Not the sort that sails alone on the flood but the Ark that saves breeds that are about to be swept away to extinction.
Just like a calf takes it’s first steps so are we slowly now at first but by winter we will have a new home ready for our two breeds of cows the Skånsk röd boskap and Granemålako.
After 15 years off hard work saving the very last off these breeds we can now double the number of animals we have space for a 150 during winter.

We have consulted the very best when it comes to design that offers the cows maximum comfort, we don’t mutilate our animals by burning of horns or castrations of bulls. That makes us raise the bar when it comes to the layout.
We don’t stand alone thanks to our sponsors @vinnatur @kontextvin @fruktstereo your first contribution was vital for all of this and we will be eternally grateful for believing in us.
We also received partial funding from the department of agriculture for our work with conservation, sustainability when it comes to nutrition keeping it in the fields and not in our streams.
Despite of all the backing we are getting it’s still a huge undertaking and our biggest investment ever.
Do you and or your company believe in us and our undertaking and want to be a sponsor in big or small and be a part of the preservation of two Swedish breeds please contact us directly on








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