Small cows

One off the traits of the Swedish native breeds are their size. This fully grown cow looks like a yearlings of the imported meat breeds but she is very typical for the Skånsk Röd Boskap Skania Red Cattle. Extremely adamant to local conditions in our area and a exact copy when you look on illustration from a 100-150 year ago. The primary function having been milk for the production of cheese and butter. A great way to save the bounty of summer for the hard winter in the north of Europe. Animals have also been used for pulling plows and harrows really big bulls and ox was also used in the forest too pull out timber. Temperament is extremely important in animals you work closely with, milking was scornfully named The white whip of women forced to milk for long hours.

The heard was the heart of the homestead providing the farmer with much needed manure for the fields.

Keeping these cows connects you with all the farmers that came before you, being the latest link in the chain keeping these animals.










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