A very extraordinary field of oats

We love diversity and are convinced that it’s the way of the future for farming. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket and only grow oats we seed 14 different species and let them feed more then only people. Here you see a beautiful buckwheat in full bloom, not only a pretty flower but also on off the best things you can grow for honeybees especially a dry summer like this when most other flowers dies. On the next picture you can see blue tansy a another plant if you love bees 🐝

You can feed more then just your own belly going for diversity and making your farm home too more then just people #resilientagriculture #diversity #farming #beyondorganic #ekologisktärlogiskt #buckwheat #glutenfree #glutenfrei #bluetansy #future #enbonde #minlandsbygd #exceptionellråvara #bokeslundsgården


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