I will by lying if I say it’s a good day, 3 degrees and rain seldom is.

The only perk is that all you want is to get inside so you finish the days projects quickly.

Two new piglet houses painted and ready for us, and by chance also greatly anticipated when we soon have baby piggies coming and our big houses are needed for the new mothers and kids.

Hope your day didn’t include frostbite like my did and now a decently tempt glenfiddich awaits












Andelsbiodling 2020

Andelsbiodlare 2020

Till alla som var andelsbiodlare 2019 har det utgått et Mail med info om du vill kvarstå även detta år med din andel. Det finns fortfarande några få dagar kvar att boka in sig men sen kommer vi börja kontakta alla som har haft tålamod och står på vår väntelista för en andel i en bikupa, så gör din överföring direkt så du inte förlorar din andel.









A summer’s day almost 10 years ago

Standing up is our matriarch Astrid and lying down is her successor Ottawa. It was a amazing island to have our cows on roaming free deciding on the own where to go

Skånsk röd cattle in there natural habit one of very few Heritage breeds left in Sweden, the population is now thriving after being ostracized from the herd book a few years back, it’s a paradox that the one that was supposed to be their biggest protector was there biggest foe crippling conservation for a decade.








Game changer

Happy new year from us on the farm

Taking these days to look ahead planing for the future and our most ambitious conservation project ever

Together with some amazing sponsors we a planing a game changing undertaking that will ensure the survival for two of Sweden’s most endangered breeds

Be a part and fallow us on this journey during 2020







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