Granngås fjällnära boskap

Möt Granngås en fjällnära fjällko som tände min glöd för bevarandet av denna oförädlade rest av kor från väglöst land i norra Sverige. Jag har varit med och hittat hem till henne och nu lever hon sina golden years hemma hos Helena och @jonasivarson på Elfvabjer. Mitt och Granngås möte ledde till att det hemma vid vår köksbord genomfördes det första interimsstyrelsemötet på det som skulle bli stambokförening för det fjällnära korna. Så även om Granngås inte själv vet om det så var hon startskottet så att hon och hennes ättlingar kan bevaras på lång sikt #farmer #fjällnära #kor #cow #concervation #bevarande #heratige #futureoffarming #gammalsvenskras #lantras #smallfarm #crofter #milk #selfsufficient #sweden #skåne #fjällnäraboskap #cattle

The garden never sleeps

Spring garlic peeking up over the snow waiting for spring #winteriscoming #wintergarden #garlic #cleaneating #sustainablefarming #supportyourlocalfarmer #futureoffarming #sweden #heratige #spring #bokeslundsgården

Living history for the farmers of tomorrow

Heritage breed Granemåla cow is a direct link to ur history, conservation started about 13 years ago when the breed was rediscovered on a remote farm in the deep forests of Blekinge Sweden. After many years of hard work the breed is growing but is still among the rarest in the world with less than 20 individual in total. This adaptation to their environment makes them unique. If we allows them to go extinct we will lose some ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Genetic diversity is the key to the future of farming #heratige #grassfed #sweden #blekinge #granemålakor #farmer #farming #bonde #sustainablefarming #futureoffarming #concervation #exceptionellråvara #cow #bull #supportyourlocalfarmer #bokeslundsgården

Varför har kor örhängen?

Alla våra kor har ett namn som Morgana här men det har också ett unikt nummer precis som vi har personnummer. Numret består av två delar, den första för alla våra kor är SE 70341. SE =Sverige och numret är kopplat direkt till våran gård så bara våra kalvar får det precis som ett efternamn. 71 är hennes egna individnummer men ni kan också se en liten siffra som gömmer sig längst ner till höger på örhänget, den kallas kontrollsiffra och behövs om man har fler än 9999 kalvar som är födda på gården och fortfarande lever. Denna kombinationen av nummer är unik för Morgana och det hjälper oss i bevarandet att hålla koll på djuren och veta hur det är släkt med varandra, Skånsk röd boskap är en av Sveriges mest hotade lantraser och djuren bevaras i en sluten stamboken, det betyder att bara kalvar vars bägge föräldrar är med i stamboken kan föras in i den. Detta gör vi för att bevara rasen ren och inte blanda in andra djur #happycow #organicfarming #outdoor #snow #winterishere #horns #skånskrödboskap #concervation #freerange #grassfed #lantras #gammalsvenskras #heratige #skåne #sweden #frånsverige #svenskött #sustainablefarming #supportyourlocalfarmer #bokeslundsgården

Turkey eggs finally here!

Stunning eggs from our turkeys, perfectly camouflaged to be hidden in tall grass and brown leafs. The younger lady’s lays eggs about the same size as normal chicks but as they get older the eggs size increase as you can see the scarcely fit in the egg carton #goodlife #cleaneating #healthybody #dirtyhandscleanhearts #dowhatyoulove #turky #eggs #organicfarming #sustainablefarming #supportyourlocalfarmer #exceptionellråvara #kalkon #ägg #freerange #bokeslundsgården

It’s a great monday

The hatcher is overflowing with baby chicks, they are all Isbar blue a Swedish breed that lays green eggs. We are one of the oldest breeders of Isbar and every year we are trying to spread awareness about the breed and find more farmers willing to fight the good fight and help in the conservation of the breed #Isbar #isbarblå #isbarblue #concervation #bevarande #buttfruit #incubator #baby #chicken #dirtyhandscleanhearts #fightthegoodfight #chickenfarmer #exceptionellråvara #greenegg #freerange #slowgrowing #långsamtväxande #bokeslundsgården

Band of brothers

Swedish heratige breed Torparhöna Cottagechicken is out looking the best and tastiest bugs. Originally descending from Huseby estate in Småland, since 1867 by the Stephens family descending from England. It’s believed that Torparhönan are originally from England, but has since then adapting to the Swedish climate for more than 100 generations #torparhöna #lantras #bevarande #chicken #eggs #heratige #concervation #freerange #buttfruit #diversity #smallfarm #crofter #familyfarm #dirtyhandscleanhearts #exceptionellråvara #bokeslundsgården

Snout to tail eating

Happy free range slowgrown Linderödspig. Born and raised on the farm being outdoors every single day in it’s life now helping to feed the family #snouttotail #alltidpådjurenssida #homegrown #smallholder #familyfarm #cleaneating #supportyourlocalfarmer #matutanskit #gråskinka #linderödssvin #hemslakt #meat #frånsverige #svensktkött #sustainablefarming #beyondorganic #ekologiskt #jordpåtrynet #trädgårdsgris #bevarande #lantras #genbank #bokeslundsgården

We now accept applications for internship

IMG_2152.JPGHello and welcome to our farm!
We are a certified organic farm in Sweden’s southernmost region, Skåne.

We are a family of three generations whom in different degree participate in the dayly rutines of the farm.

I’m Johan with a background in Horticultural Management and the one the trainees have the most contact with. Then we have my wife Linnea who is a Landscape architect working with green structures and urban planning. We also have our three children Lukas 9 years, Stella 7 years and Carl 3 years.  And then we have Linnea’s parents, Lena a Limnologist and expertice in river restoration as well as garden manager and Jean professor of entomology and responsible for the farms equipment and buildings.

-I often say that we have all of the classic farm animals besides horses, that’s right, plus we have some more unusual such as quail and guinea fowl. We sell meat, skins and eggs from our animals and have an active role in the preservation of our different breeds and we sell live animals to other farms.
– We have a large garden and greenhouse where we grow throughout the year, we grow the food that we ourselves eat to the greatest extent possible and the surplus is sold to restaurants.  We have a great diversity of old varieties as 150 different potato varieties, 20 kinds carrot and beetroot, peas and other legumes and lots more.
-We have a large orchard plus we plant fruit trees in our pastures and edges of fields. We have more than 250 different varieties, many of them old Swedish but also some newer suitable for organic growing and varieties for cider. If you have fruit trees, you should also have bees, currently we have 26 hives but aiming for 50 in a few years. We sell the  honey raw without any additives. Each harvest from our four apiaries is a different type of honey as Rapehoney, Lindenhoney and Autumhoney . We also sell beehives, beeswax and pollen.
– We also have a forest and the farm is self-sufficient in wood and with 11 different fireplaces heating our houses  it takes a lot. It is not only from the forest but also from the pastures that we restore we get timber for firewood.
-We are actively working to preserve the cultural landscape of meadows and pastures, many of these are threatened by encroachment and we need to work both with a chainsaw and grazing animals.
During the summer, all our sheep, goats and cows on the various nature reserves  manage the landscape by grazing and keep away the forest that would otherwise take over.
-We are a farm that is constantly working to improve ourselves, we always have many different construction projects at the time so for the handy, or who can paint or putty windows, or casting, there is always something to do.

We run the farm according to organic and sustainable principles, we want to produce meat, vegetables, eggs and fruit in a way that leaves the earth we use in better condition than when we started. We work with biodiversity and our farm has got to be a home for several Swedish endangered native breeds such as Linderödspig, Blekingeduck, Granemålacow.

We have trainees during all of the year, we have room for two position during the winter and in the summer up to 5 people staying with us
We have several housing solutions, the basic idea is that all interns should have their own bedroom. In the internunit there are two rooms, we also have two mobile houses in the form of caravans. During the winter, one of these will be transformed into a Tinyhouse with two bedrooms and the second caravan next summer.
Our trainees have a house with kitchen / living room, bathroom, bedroom and changing room. The diet follows the season and what we produce on the farm such as meat, vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and other foods. We try to eat together family and trainees a couple of times a week but it varies over the year. Smoking and drinking are permitted in moderation, but of course no illegal drugs

The working day varies in the number of hours depending on the type of work and the weather, usually 8 hours a day.
We are looking primarily for pople who are able to stay at least 1 month to 12 months possibly even longer. What work we have to do varies by the season and if you have any special area that you are extra interested in just let us know. If you have any questions about this, write them in your application.

Does this sound appealing? Please send your application to us where you include:
When you want to come and how long you want to stay.
What skills you have that may be suitable for the farm.
What languages do you speak
Any allergies or dietary preferences
and preferably a photo
We will not respond to mass applications!
The better and more complete your application the greater the chance that you get a positive response!!
Keep in mind that once we say yes to you, we say no to a lot of others. Just as you can count on staying with us throughout the agreed time, it is also important that we can count on you to stay here at least that long. Should however your circumstances or motivation change, you must contact us immediately so that we together can come up with a solution.

Perfect start to the new year

Our nanny goat Livtrasir got a baby daughter who is now being doted on by all the other gots and our kids #baby #goat #kid #conservation #bevarande #göingeget #gammalsvenskras #lantras #heratige #smallfarm #beyondorganic #smallholder #goatmilk #cheese #handmilking #exceptionellråvara #bokeslundsgården

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